About Us

How It All Started

Lionheart Imports was founded by the husband and wife team of Navaka and Susan. We both have always had a love for travel and a love for discovering unique handmade products that reflect the local artistry of the country we’re visiting. Even more so, we both have always had a drive to help those in underdeveloped countries where the opportunities are so limited compared to the vast amount of opportunities with which we have been blessed.

We’re excited for you to explore our shop and see the unique handmade products that we have to offer. Our primary goal is not only finding unique, quality products but also importing products that will empower and improve the lives of the local artisans and their communities and each of the products we offer does just that. You can read all about the companies we work with and how they’re bringing opportunities to their local communities in the About Our Products page.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple – it’s all about JOY.

Bringing joy back into the simplest and smallest things is what we seek to do here at Lionheart Imports.  In each step we follow within our business, from discovering new products to supporting the local artisans to bringing the products to you, we’re looking to spread and receive a little bit of joy each step of the way.

We can blink and life will pass us by. We feel blessed to be where we are and being able to share that with each of you and with all of our new found friends in the countries and communities we work with. During this chapter in our lives, as our story continues to unfold, we choose to keep JOY at the center of it all.


From Our Story to Yours,

Navaka and Susan